8 August: The End

We have come to the end of the daily posts. Thank you so much for reading them. I’ve been told that they have made great accompaniments to porridge or coffee in the morning and have been squeezed into people’s busy daily routines. I hope that they’ve brightened the Lockdown days a little!

Thank you for all your contributions and comments - this story has more aspects to unfold.

We’ll be keeping the website running for a while, so you’ll be free to delve in again whenever you want to: relive the thrill of the escape attempt; marvel at CHTL’s nerve at demanding a bottle of whiskey a day; chuckle at Churchill turning an apoplectic shade of purple; be in awe of the IRA’s postal system; smile at the warmth of the Irish hospitality; enjoy the fun of the clandestine fishing trips; wonder at the six and a quarter ounce baby and feel for poor Poppy; and so celebrate this good story in the Irish War of Independence - where ‘delightful people’ triumph and a ‘gentleman’ is treated well by ‘gentlemen.’

Anyone new to the story will be able to start from the beginning and read through at their own pace. Please spread the word; it would be lovely to have this story made more well known and celebrated. Hopefully, through the story we can help build bridges and promote reconciliation. It would be lovely to hear from people who have read the posts, and hear people’s ideas and suggestions about what we do next. Also any information, family stories, etc, that anyone has about the story and would like to be added to the collection would be very welcomed. We hope that future generations will learn about the story and discover that is possible to show kindness and respect even to your worst enemy.

Speaking of future generations...

The children of Sixth Class, St. Conaire’s National School have written an excellent collaborative presentation on Michael Brennan’s War of Independence, which includes the General Lucas capture story. We would like to encourage other schools to use the site for research, and would love to post their projects as well, on this website if they would like to display their work to a wider audience.

Sixth Class (St. Conaire's National School)'s Presentation

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